Delivery Information

Shipping and fulfillment is often one of the most overlooked and challenging aspects of the business. BazarJagah has an integrated transportation department that ensures prompt delivery services to the retailers. We provide transportation services with respect to the weight of the shipment. BazarJagah never ignores the importance of good shipment and fulfillment service of our business. It is important to ensure that we understand and track this process fully so that the retailer or business that orders our product is happy with the cost, time, and quality of your shipped products.

  • Prices / Terms and Conditions of Payment

We calculate the applicable prices on the date of delivery. Orders that are shipped to outside states may be subject to import taxes, customs tariffs, and fees levied by the destination state. These charges are the customer’s (retailer) responsibility.

  • Delivery Dates

We will endeavor to adhere to stipulated delivery schedules. However, due to the hazards or any other issues, delivery deadlines will not be binding unless expressly agreed.

  • Tariffs and Taxes

Unpaid: The retailers are responsible for all tariffs, taxes, and customs fees at the time of delivery. We will estimate these charges upon request.

  • Non-delivery:

If you refuse delivery of an item after it reaches its final destination or if you are unavailable for delivery after a certain number of attempts, you will be responsible for any taxes, shipping and handling fees incurred to send the shipment back to the supplier.